Best Hotel in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a land of love, luxury and Lavishing cuisine and with these Mr Balwant Singh & Rajesh Kumar Mandal having a combined experience for more than 20yrs in Hospitality has Opened Spirit Desert Camp to offer their best service to the Guest.

Spirit Desert Camp takes pleasure in delivering the finest hospitality services to provide the guests with the experience of staying on the desert in our Royal Swiss Tent accommodation. It is the best travelling experience that will stay in your memory. The marvellous view of Sunset through Sand Dunes on a Camel ride is an experience that will etch in your memory for a lifetime.

The AC and Non-AC Swiss Tents accommodation provides comforts and luxury to the guests & is equipped with modern equipments and facilities like attached toilet with comfortable and relaxed thick bed mattresses that will let the guests to enjoy living both the modern and desert life in the actual desert .

The Guests at The Spirit Desert Camp will observe the majestic Rajasthani authentic & traditional cuisine with other exotics and Rajasthani folk dance and folk music that are performed by the trained folk dancer and folk singer to entertain the guests is another leisure you will experience on the trip. Our elite hospitality in a pure desert environment will surely leave a memory for lifelong.

We are enthusiastic and devoted to better the traveller’s experience with our best hospitality facilities and services. We are looking forward to having an extensive and successful relationship with all our guests.

Spirit Desert Camp in Jaislmer, Best Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India


Tips to find the Best Desert Camp in Jaisalmer.

sam sand dunes hotelsJaisalmer is the best city to enjoy your weekends and holidays. Jaisalmer has been the reflection of Rajasthan’s rich cultural legacy and soul of this beautiful state. The provincial look is agreeably mixed with a town reasonable subject each night as an ongoing festival of the legacy of Rajasthan.

The Best Desert Camp in Jaisalmer has extravagance water evidence tents with its roomy verandah, room &in-suite. From palatial living to leave safari, one can encounter finish Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. 

Spirit Desert Camp in Jaisalmer is an ideal door to standpoint the Jaisalmer city, The camp is halfway located amidst the City and a long way from the hustle clamor life of the city, explorers who need to spend an occasion far from the boisterous lanes of metropolitan urban areas and want to appreciate the well-known desert safari of Jaisalmer, So visit Jaisalmer and remain in Desert Camp.



sam sand dunes hotels

Where to Stay?

The greater number of the best desert camps are situates on and close to the fundamental street near the well-known Sam Sand Dunes, around 45 minutes west of Jaisalmer, where individuals rush to go on camel rides into the dusk. Nonetheless, there are different choices in the region that are non-touristy. An elective area is the sand ridges around Barna and Khuri towns, around anhour southwest of Jaisalmer. It is less swarmed and less created there, giving a more valid affair. The dunes are notas extensive though.


sam sand dunes hotels

Things to consider

While picking the Desert Camp, particularly ones around the Sam Dunes, it is essential to do your exploration and pick a tolerable place that is appropriately overseen. Else, you are probably going to wind up with a grimy tent, poor sustenance, terrible administration, and boisterous music. Likewise, you’ll be subjected to the clamor originating from neighboring camps. You will see that the tents typically have appended washrooms with western toilets. Be that as it may, not all will give boiling water and warming. Do remember that the photographs on sites can be misdirected as well. How to discover the Best Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan which keeps up the harmony between imperial Rajasthani position and up-to-the-minute neighborliness? How to pick a camp which revives your social viewpoint yet does not serve just excessively clear of the long-held legacy?



Here are some tips to explore the Best Desert and Spirit Desert Camp in Jaisalmer

Tidinessand dust-free area:

The bed ought to be agreeable and the tent should not feel like a grandiose huge the best. Many desert camps may underline the office of extravagance, however, ensure you do not stop by an inadequately kept up tent with awful sustenance, un-simple beds, noisy music, and congested camp.


Fitness check-up Facility: 

A 24-hour specialist ought to be accessible in the camp to keep your voyage inconvenience free. Visiting in the desert has been a remunerating knowledge, yet it accompanies its own costs. A large portion of the voyagers who are not familiar with the outrageous temperatures of the desert may require wellbeing help. Tiredness may come effortlessly while cruising through the exciting experiences of rising bashing.


sam sand dunes hotels

Washroom and Toilet Facilities:

Nowadays, the majority of the camps constructs connected washrooms, however,they may not give hot and chilled water and warming. Search for this component, to spare you from an uninvited inconvenience. A joined latrine with the camp is a rich undertaking in the fuming desert zone. Likewise, it is more advantageous and more secure inside and out. If the camp comes up short with this comfort, you should reconsider before spending your movement cash there.




Transport Facility

You should comprehend what a wide range of transport offices is accessible from your arrival goal of the camp. In Jaisalmer, probably the most practical modes are the jeep, camel rides or taxis. In the event that you do discover any of these effortlessly, at that point you can lose a ton of valuable time on your outing. Ensure, the camp you are picking is sufficiently helpful to control you through or furnish you with the office.



Nowadays, there are various alternatives for remaining out in the desert in a tent or desert camp, going from essential to ultra-rich. So, choosing the best desert camp is a bit difficult task. But, if you follow the above tips, you will definitely get the most suitable.